The Cane Butler is on Display at Buy Idaho’s Showroom

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Original Cane Butler on display at Buy Idaho at 404 South 8th Street in Boise.   

The Original Cane Butler cane holder is now on display at the Buy Idaho Buy showroom in downtown Boise at 404 South 8th Street, Suite B 128.  Walk-in visitors can tour the showroom from 9 am to 5 pm M-F.

The photo is a closeup of the display which includes a cane parked at the edge of a shelf, just as it would be on a table or counter top. (Click on the image twice to enlarge the photo.)

Buy Idaho ( is a non-profit, privately funded member association that includes Idaho businesses large and small, corporations, associations, and government agencies working together to promote Idaho products, Idaho services, and Idaho businesses.

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The Original Cane Butler

Original Cane Butler Cane Holder

#13001 Original Cane Butler Cane Holder Slips On Horizontal & Vertical Surfaces

The Magnetic Cane Butler

Magnetic Cane Butler and Stainless Steel Disk

#13002 Magnetic Cane Butler holds canes on metallic and non-metallic surfaces.

Original & Magnetic Cane Butler

Combo Pack of Original and Magnetic Cane Butler cane holderes

#13003 Original Cane Butler & Magnetic Cane Butler Combo Pack

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