Don Rumpel Sales Seeks Test Market Participants For Cane Holder Rack Presentation

Cane Butler Cane Hoder Test Market Rack & MerchandiseWe are seeking  test market participants for a newly developed display rack and merchandise presentation for our line of  cane holders.

“In addition to traditional retailers our customers include a broad range of businesses like restaurants, elder care facilities, chiropractors, physical therapists and pharmacies. In order to make it easier to display our products we are launching a new rack and merchandise bundle. We are looking for participants in a number of industries to test the new bundle.” said Don Rumpel, President of Don Rumpel Sales, LLC.

The two-part wireframe rack is designed to either sit on a counter using the provided display base or to be hung on pegboard without the base.  The built in pegboard hooks are 10″ apart. The rack includes a sign which is displayed via built in sign holder pegs.  Product price inserts can be placed in the plastic holders included with the rack.

The bundle includes three products.  (1) Cane Butler® Cane Holder With Purse Hook (2) Magnetic Cane Butler® cane holder and (3) A Combination Package containing the Original Cane Butler® cane holder and the Magnetic Cane Butler® cane holder.

Market test participants will be expected to actively display the rack and products for 60 days.

There will not be any shipping or other setup costs for the participating outlet.

At the end of the 60 day trial period the participating outlets will provide Don Rumpel Sales LLC, an accounting of the units sold and Don Rumpel Sales, LLC will invoice the outlet for the wholesale cost of the units sold.

At the end of the 60 day trial period the participating outlets will have the option of either continuing to sell the remaining inventory or returning the inventory and the rack to Don Rumpel Sales, LLC by contacting them for return instructions.

For more information about qualifying as a market test location contact us at 800-321-2547 or visit for more information

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The Original Cane Butler

Original Cane Butler Cane Holder

#13001 Original Cane Butler Cane Holder Slips On Horizontal & Vertical Surfaces

The Magnetic Cane Butler

Magnetic Cane Butler and Stainless Steel Disk

#13002 Magnetic Cane Butler holds canes on metallic and non-metallic surfaces.

Original & Magnetic Cane Butler

Combo Pack of Original and Magnetic Cane Butler cane holderes

#13003 Original Cane Butler & Magnetic Cane Butler Combo Pack

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