Don Rumpel Sales Announces a New Combination Package of Cane Butler Cane Holders

Don Rumpel, the creator and manufacturer of Cane Butler cane holders, has announced the addition of a combination package of Cane Butler cane holders to the lineup. The new package contains one each of the Original Cane Butler and the Magnetic Cane Butler.

Cane users often have problems finding safe, convenient places to park their canes in public places. This can be annoying to the cane users and canes can cause tripping hazards when canes have fallen on floors.

Don Rumpel, the creator and manufacturer of Cane Butler cane holders is a cane user himself and he understands firsthand the challenges faced by cane users. He has created a line of products that help cane users solve the problem of parking canes in safe, convenient places.

During a recent phone interview, Rumpel said “I use a cane myself and I have been frustrated when trying to find good places to put my cane when I sit at a table or desk or when I work standing up and need to use both hands. I’ve watched other people struggle with picking up their canes from floors in restaurants and other public places. As an inventor I knew there had to be a better way to solve this problem. What was needed was a cane holder that was easy to use on tables, counters, desks and other places a cane user might want to put a cane. So, I created a couple of products that solve the problem better than other cane holders on the market.”
Rumpel called the first cane holder The Original Cane Butler. It is radically different than other cane holders on the market because it doesn’t rest on table tops. Instead, it slides onto a table top or similar surface with two flat prongs. The Original Cane Butler is held securely by the prongs and a cane can be attached to the cane holder with a rotating clip that allows the cane to be parked at an angle.

The second product, the Magnetic Cane Butler works entirely differently. Based on his own experiences Rumpel knew a magnetic cane holder could make it easier for cane users to manage their canes around the home, the office and in public places. So, he created The Magnetic Cane Butler to hold canes on metallic surfaces such as file cabinets, work benches, refrigerators, dish washers, stall panels in public restrooms and similar surfaces.

The Magnetic Cane Butler has the same rotating clip as the Original Cane Butler. The two arms on the clip can be twisted together, attaching the Magnetic Cane Butler to a cane. The attached cane holder makes it very easy to park a cane on metallic surfaces wherever they are found. The Magnetic Cane Butler will even securely hold a cane on a wheelchair.

The Magnetic Cane Butler was so well received by cane users Rumpel decided to expand its functionality by adding self-adhesive stainless steel disks that could be attached to surfaces made of wood, marble, fiberglass, sheetrock and most other non-metallic surfaces. A set of disks is now included in each package of the Magnetic Cane Butler.

Shortly after the introduction of The Magnetic Cane Butler, many customers started ordering both the Original and the Magnetic Cane Butlers at the same time. So, to make it more convenient for customers and to offer them a better value, Rumpel packaged both products together in what became the Combo Package.

Retail orders for Cane Butler cane holders can be placed online at and at other online retailers. Wholesale information is available at or by calling 800-321-2547.
The Cane Butler line of cane holders is proudly manufactured in the USA at a plant located in Smelterville, Idaho.

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The Original Cane Butler

Original Cane Butler Cane Holder

#13001 Original Cane Butler Cane Holder Slips On Horizontal & Vertical Surfaces

The Magnetic Cane Butler

Magnetic Cane Butler and Stainless Steel Disk

#13002 Magnetic Cane Butler holds canes on metallic and non-metallic surfaces.

Original & Magnetic Cane Butler

Combo Pack of Original and Magnetic Cane Butler cane holderes

#13003 Original Cane Butler & Magnetic Cane Butler Combo Pack

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