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Original & Magnetic Cane Butler Cane Holders

  • Cane Butler cane holders keep canes and walking sticks from falling to the floor in public places, inconveniencing cane users and causing tripping hazards to others.
  • Cane Butler cane holders make it easy for cane users to park their canes and keep them convenient and ready to use.
  • Cane Butler cane holders are fantastic for around the house use on tables, counters, chairs, desks, bookshelves and many other areas.
  • The Cane Butler rotating clip allows users to park canes at an angle when the Cane Butler is used on low surfaces such as end tables. The clip securely grips and holds canes, walking sticks and crutches.
  • Cane Butler cane holders are proudly made in the USA.


Original Cane Butler

ITEM #13001, the original CANE BUTLER, with a built in rotary two prong gripper clip, that slides onto table tops and other similar surfaces either vertical or horizontal holding the cane in place for easy retrieval.
The Original Cane Butler easily slips onto any horizontal or vertical surface. Durable flexible plastic clamp slips on to vertical or horizontal surfaces up to 1 5/8 inches thick.
The Original Cane Butler is easy to take wherever users  go. The Cane Butler slips into a pocket or purse to be at the ready when needed.
Magnetic Cane Butler and Stainless Steel Disk


ITEM #13002, the MAGNETIC CANE BUTLER provides for instant placement wherever metal surfaces are available. Ideal for file cabinet, refrigerators dish washer, metal stall panels in public restrooms, the workshop etc. Includes one self adhesive stainless steel disk that can be attached to non-metallic surfaces such as wood or tile. Two prong gripper can be twisted to stay attached to the cane.
13003-lg ITEM #13003 is combination package containing one each of items #13001 and #13002 shown above. This is far and away our best selling item.
13006-lg ITEM #13006 contains five Stainless Steel disks for extra mounting locations around the home or office to provide convenient areas such as vanity, night stand, desk or copier, for holding the cane when using the MAGNETIC CANE BUTLER.


ITEM #1236 Starter Pack: Contains 3 each of #13001 Original Cane Butler, #13002 Magnetic Cane Butler, #13003 Original & Magnetic Cane Butler Combo and #13006 Self Adhesive Stainless Steel Disks. This is our most popular package for first time and trail orders.

The Original Cane Butler

Original Cane Butler Cane Holder

#13001 Original Cane Butler Cane Holder Slips On Horizontal & Vertical Surfaces

The Magnetic Cane Butler

Magnetic Cane Butler and Stainless Steel Disk

#13002 Magnetic Cane Butler holds canes on metallic and non-metallic surfaces.

Original & Magnetic Cane Butler

Combo Pack of Original and Magnetic Cane Butler cane holderes

#13003 Original Cane Butler & Magnetic Cane Butler Combo Pack

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